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Any company is likely to encounter legal disputes with customers, suppliers or other businesses. How you handle these situations will ultimately shape your success. When you need steadfast representation, don't delay-contact The Law Offices of Fang Chen for business law support in Walnut & Pomona, CA.

Business ownership disputes or serious breaches of contract can derail all of your hard work in an instant. Take care of internal disputes right away before the problem can grow out of your control.

Call today to settle a business ownership dispute. We'll sit down with both parties to come to agreeable terms.

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No matter what type of legal issue your business is facing, The Law Offices of Fang Chen can help. Our lead attorney has extensive experience helping local businesses with:

  • Compliance
  • Partnerships
  • Business formation
  • Contract and partnership disputes

Choosing the right entity can make a massive difference for your business. We'll review your business plans and finances to see if registering as a limited liability company (LLC) is right for you.

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