Protect Your Rights as a Worker

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Laws in the U.S. set clear guidelines between workers and employers. Do you believe your rights aren't being upheld in the workplace? Speak with a top-rated employment law attorney at The Law Offices of Fang Chen. We'll gather all of the necessary evidence to make a strong argument in court.

Standing up against your employer can be an extremely scary decision on your own. But our law firm in Walnut & Pomona, CA will be with you every step of the way. Fang Chen, our lead employment law attorney, won't stand for employee mistreatment or intimidation.

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Strongly advocating for employee rights

Every employee deserves fair treatment. We won't back down to corporate legal teams until justice is served. Our law firm can address employment law problems like:

  • Discrimination: We represent clients who have been mistreated based on their age, gender, disability, marital status, national origin and race, pregnancy, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or military status.
  • Harassment: Are you in a hostile work environment? Harassment can be physical, verbal or merely suggestive of sexual advances.
  • Whistleblower claims: You are legally protected as a whistleblower. If you've been terminated, demoted or penalized in any way, contact us for legal support.
  • Wage and overtime claims: If you've been denied proper pay or were forced to work unlawful hours, we'll help you seek proper compensation.
  • Reimbursement expenses: Expenses for work-related duties should never come from your own pocket. Get reimbursed for mileage, supplies, equipment and training.

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