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What steps should you take prior to filing for divorce?

Understand what assets you have and if there are children involved, who will be the primary caregiver. Our family law attorney can review your specific situation and explain how divorce can affect your assets and family before you get started.

How do I file for divorce in California?
Moving forward with divorce involves filing important documents, serving the necessary papers and filling out financial disclosure forms. You can call our local law firm to get professional help and avoid making mistakes during this complicated process.
How long will it take to resolve my divorce?
California has a mandatory 6-month waiting period, so divorce is never a quick process. If there are disputes along the way, divorce can take as long as a year or longer. Our general practice attorney will help you get through your divorce as quickly and smoothly as possible so you can move on with your life.
How is child support calculated in California?

The court considers many different factors when it comes to child support. Not only will the court review the child’s expenses from food and shelter to education, but it will also examine the income, expenses and tax burdens of each parent. Make sure you team up with our family law firm to get help creating a favorable child support arrangement.

What should I know about setting up a visitation schedule?
The child custody agreement you create with your spouse can be customized to suit your needs. You can set up a strict schedule like having custody on weekdays or weekends or agree to reasonable visitation and work out a flexible schedule with your spouse. Our general practice attorney can help you create a schedule that makes sense for your family.
If I have to relocate, what should I do about child custody?
You and your ex-spouse will have to determine if your child custody agreement needs to be changed. It might make more sense for your child to remain with the other parent so they don’t have to uproot their life. If you decide to make changes, our local law firm will help you get through the process smoothly.
Do I need a divorce lawyer if both spouses agree on everything?
Even if you and your spouse agree to a cooperative divorce, things can become heated when it’s time to divide assets and decide on alimony, child support and child custody. Both parties should have legal representation to make sure nobody is taken advantage of and left with resentment. Call our divorce lawyer in Walnut, CA today!

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