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“I’ll keep this short and informative for people that are trying to find a lawyer, it can be pretty difficult and rather daunting of a task. Excellent lawyer, very helpful and very attentive! If you have any trademarks issues or questions go to this awesome attorney. He explained how trademarking would help with Amazon Brand Registry and help it was also important to register my trademark in China. After 7 months, Attorney Chen was about to get everything finalize. It was very simple after to get Amazon Brand Registry. You will be so happy, you did! Thanks Mr. Chen.”

– Oketch John


“He was extremely generous with his time in advising me even before getting the confirmation that I would be moving forward with him. You can tell that he is not only knowledgeable in his expertise but that he will work his hardest to ensure the job is done well and correctly.”

– Ava Lewis


“I’ve met with Mr. Fang a couple times regarding business contracts and he is professional, honest, straightforward, and most importantly very knowledgeable about the law. During the initial consultation, I asked a number of specific legal questions pertaining to my business and he provided detailed answers which will help to give me more confidence about the legal ramifications of my decisions. The next time I need an attorney, I won’t hesitate to contact him.”

– George Minor


“Mr. Chen demonstrated genuine commitment to my business and creative goals. He is extremely responsive to any questions or requests and gets things done very quickly. He is honest, fair, and authentic and I feel fortunate to have worked with him this past year. I can’t say enough good things about my experiences with Mr. Chen. He has been instrumental in helping me and is extremely knowledgeable about the positives and the pitfalls of new, and existing businesses. I look forward to continued business with him and recommend his services to anyone who requires professional, concise, and driven results.”

– Matt Ashli


“Mr. Chen is amazing! I had to change my business name after learning about Trademarks. His guidance turned what could have been a very difficult experience into a seamless process I feel great about. He definitely has a talent for making the trademarking process easy!”



“He went out of his way to give me information that he didn’t need to. He made sure that I understood more in depth about trademarks – rather then just letting me know he could help with the task at hand. Would definitely recommend him if you’re looking for someone who actually cares about helping you more then just doing your tasks. Will definitely be using in the future.”

– Katherine Mckenna


“I highly recommend the Law Offices of Fang Chen to anyone that’s looking to trademark their company name/brand. Mr. Chen was very professional in explaining everything that I need to do and how long it would take to get my trademark so that I can apply it to Amazon Brand Registry. Also, he was very informative about the importance of registering a trademark in China as well to safeguard my brand from foreign entities. In addition, Mr. Chen always pick up his phone calls and answers any concerns or questions that may arise. I would suggest if anyone is looking to apply for a trademark that they hurry up because it takes almost 6-8 months.”

– David Garcia


“Great to work with, friendly and very knowledgeable – thank you for your service.”

– Kabir Singh


“He was a great help with my recent copyright/trademark issue. He looked over my information and gave me a wealth of information and great advice. He was patient and helped me resolve the issue quickly. I highly recommend his services.”



“Mr Chen is very friendly and attentive. He offers great knowledge and does not pressure his clients. He is fair, reasonable and very wise. He offers lots of great advice during the consultations and he does not hold back. I appreciated his honesty and expectations.”

– Matthew Cook

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